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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The park at 1 Ave NW & Gladstone

We can only hope we will be as cool as these guys...

Park @ 1 Ave NW and Gladstone

This is Bill... and his RAD Moulton! It has been restored by Bill and he knows a tonne about it. It's around 60 years old and it is the very first bike ever made with suspension. It looks like a foldable frame, but this model was pre-foldable bikes. In fact, it was the model that inspired the foldable bike.Check out the detail photos and video here . I was told Bill wore a kilt the next day at the Calgary Bow River Flow. Bill you are a slick dresser, a well of knowledge and bumping into you, Bill,* and Heather in the park was a very pleasant surprise.

* Bill's friend is also named Bill.

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