Calgary's Citizen Cyclist's Savvy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Royal Ave and 7 St SW

We can only hope to be as cool as these guys...

Royal Ave. & 7 St. SW

This is Ron. He's been cycling since he was a young school boy and even when it was uncool in his high school years, he biked. He says, "I have two cars, but if I can bike it, I will. It's quicker." Vive le Velo, Ron! Thanks for stopping on your way to get to the store before it closed -- I hope our chatty ways didn't make you miss it!

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  1. No helmet, like me. Check it out. On a percentage basis there are more head injuries among pedestrians than cyclists.
    Go to Holland and count the helmets. Mandatory helmet laws scare people. Face the facts.
    Cycling is no big deal. It is a good choice. Leave legislAtion out of it.