Calgary's Citizen Cyclist's Savvy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

13 Ave SW & 8 St SW

L1030151 L1030152

I love that dress! Stephanie was riding on the road in front of me and I chased her down to take a photo.


  1. So... the bike was a present from my boyfriend and the helmet was a non-negotiable part of the present. But I think it's making safety look sexy! :)

  2. Sure does! Every rider should ride however they feel safest, and with style of course;)! Safety and comfort while riding is key, no matter if it's with what you choose to wear or what you put on your noggin - as long as one feels safe, confident and aware on the road. It's also up to each rider to be informed about what those choices are. In Calgary, on site you can visit to get more info on some of those choices is

    Great meeting you Stephanie and hope to see you on the road and/or at a ride in the future!

    To the journey ~<3!